Vegetarian Canapés


Vegetarian Canapés

Let's talk about Vegetarian Canapés

Hi, it’s me again... I think I’m starting to get the hang of this blog thing !

So, let me talk to you today about our vegetarian canapés. Wether you choose to be vegetarian for ethical reasons or for health and lifestyle reasons, we can cater for all your needs.

Here at Rise Bespoke Foods we have an extensive range of vegetarian canapés, let me introduce you to some of our most popular ones.

Personally, I love our Pesto infused cherry tomato placed on a Cheddar cheese scone. Pesto is whipped together with a scrummy cream cheese and piped into beautifully ripe cherry tomatoes, these are then placed on a handmade Cheddar cheese scone, the flavours this packs will have you needing more.

One of our new additions to our canapé menu is a Beetroot and goats cheese gateau, this has been created by layering finely sliced beetroot topped with hand whipped goats cheese into several layers before compressing to a delicate gateau. Then formed into tiny bite size squares served from a biodegradable wooden fork. The colour alone of this dish is so striking.

Looking for something beautiful and still healthy? How about our roasted courgette filled With ratatouille. This option is so healthy that I’m sure weight watchers and slimming world would definitely approve. This canapé only contains fresh vegetable ingredients, courgette, red onion, plump tomatoes, and specially selected herbs to compliment its flavour.

Catering to all tastes

Alongside our vegetarian canapés, we also have a vast and ever growing range of vegan canapés, traditional canapés, and gluten free options. Basically, if there is something you would like, we can sort it for you!

Seen something you like somewhere else,  and it’s not quite right for you, or for your event? Then take a few mins to drop us a message to see what we can do for you. We are really quite a friendly bunch who just love to make food! Try us! Challenge us! It’ll be worth it! In fact, why not try us for your whole event? We can cater from 10 - 500 guest! Hatches, matches and dispatches, we are here for all your catering needs.

Vegan Wedding Canapés

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The development range for these is almost endless, so we can tailor the flavours and ingredients to suit any needs.

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