Vegan Wedding Canapés


Vegan Wedding Canapés


Veganism, becoming a vegan, what does it mean? Whether becoming a vegan for ethical reasons, or as a health and lifestyle choice, the result is the same. Choosing veganism means cutting out all animal products from your diet and your lifestyle. No more meat, no more cheese, no more eggs, to name but a few. It also means no more animal based clothing like leather or wool. Our Vegan Wedding Canapés can help you cater to your vegan guests.

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At Rise Bespoke Foods we try to reflect our clients choices by adapting our menus to suit all dietary requirements. One of our most popular canapés at the moment is a chicken balti served with mango chutney on a crisp naan bread base. We have recently taken a new twist on this by replacing the chicken with finely chopped cauliflower, and voila, a new healthy alternative to chicken with no loss of flavour. This canapé packs a punch with its Indian spices, and is also good for you! You can change this canapé to have a gluten free base making it a very versatile choice.

MOUTH WATERING Vegan Wedding Canapés

Another new recruit to our menu is a potato rosti served with a spicy tomato salsa. This sounds very simple, but in reality it is a mouth watering canapé made from finely shredded potato and red onion giving it some lovely colour, this is deep fried to give a super crispy outer, while still having a soft tender inside. This is finished with a handmade tomato salsa made with tomato, red onion, coriander and a hint of chilli.

Whatever your canapé requirements are, we can create, adapt, or design them for you. If you have your own ideas we are happy to work with you to create the perfect canapé for your special event. This may be a party, a ball or maybe even your wedding, and let’s face it, everyone wants their own wedding to be special and have features that other people don’t have! So, why not take the time to browse our website, maybe send us a little message about any plans you may have, we are a very friendly bunch really!

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The development range for these is almost endless, so we can tailor the flavours and ingredients to suit any needs.

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