Rise Hog Roasts

The Finest Ingredients

As soon as you taste the succulent pork that just falls off the bone from a Rise Hog Roast, you’ll know you’re eating something special. All too often, hog roasts provide indifferent meat stuffed into cheap wholesale bread rolls. That’s not our style.

Instead, we use local pigs cooked for longer to allow the flavour and texture to develop. Our baps come from our local bakery, Parkside, freshly baked and often still warm from the oven when we collect them.


Tray Roasting Process

Very importantly, we tray roast rather than spit roast.

Though spit roasting is the most common method, it’s not the best. That’s because it’s impossible to spit roast the hog until it’s fully tender - the meat starts to fall off the spit before the whole hog is cooked. By tray roasting, we’re able to guarantee every mouthful will be moist and full of flavour.

You can still see the pig on show, and (where the venue allows it), we can prep one in front of guests to add to the spectacle of the event.


Chef-run Service

Every hog roast is prepared by an experienced chef and cooked using our own tried and tested methods. Having a chef in charge also means you get a smooth, efficient service, with people served quickly and professionally.

Full Front-of-house Support

For sit-down meals, we can provide a full front-of-house service from supplying tableware and laying tables through to serving guests with a smile and clearing up at the end. Our friendly and professional team will take care of everything, leaving you to free to enjoy the food and the company.

Extra Dishes

Because we’re also a complete event caterer, we can provide freshly-prepared additional dishes and food items to accompany the hog roast. Popular extras are salads, desserts, and, of course, vegetarian options. And to finish the meal in style, we can also provide a selection of tempting mini desserts.

Hog Roast Facts

Numbers: We can cater for as few as 10 to any size event.

Time: It takes up to 10 hours to tray roast to perfection, so we start the cooking process before coming on site. We’ll arrange to be with you to set up an hour and a half or so before your guests arrive.

Pricing: Pricing depends on numbers and location.


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Will you find a cheaper hog roast? Yes. Will you find a better one? We doubt it.

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